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    What are your goals?

    I am contented with my body build. I just want to have an abs and chest. I just think than I have so much belly fat.
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    Can someone give me a quick and easy salad recipe?

    I always make salad. I learn the recipe from a eatery. It just contains chopped lettuce and a dressing. Try looking for Kewpie roasted sesame. It is very tasty and delicious.
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    Cheese Sticks

    It will definitely fall in my cheat days. I love cheese but I have to be disciplined. Nice recipe though, I hope that I will not be tempt to cook this on my diet.
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    Salad Dressing

    That's sounds pretty delicious! I'll definitely try that later! Good thing I have all of that ingredients in my fridge.
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    how to use apple cider vinegar

    My dad used to try apple cider vinegar. He just put it in his water and drink it once a day. I think it is a very effective detoxifying drink.
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    Brand new to this- advice please

    I think my best advice is not for the food you eat but for your mindset to always be consistent and discipline. These are the key to achieve your goal. Always set a plan or goals to achieve in a day, week, or month. Gym can also make your body tired and you will feel pain on your muscles so make...
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    How to stay motivated to lose weight

    Just take a photo of yourself and get some photo of a model who has a good body. Always look at that for your inspiration. I know this is a bit weird but I think it would be a great help seeing someone who achieved a good body be your inspiration. Your mind will think that if they achieved it...
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    I also experienced this lately, I suggest you start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. It will help you in digesting food properly and also help in cleaning of the fat in your veins. I suggest you should also go for a check-up.
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    process to get a sexy and fit body

    I would say perseverance and discipline is the key. A lot of aspiring people who wants to have a great body just don't have this two. They are not willing to sacrifice just to achieve what they wanted. You just have to persevere even if you don't see any change in your body and always have the...
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    How To Increase body weight by not getting too much fat and instead gaining muscles?

    I suggest you eat what you like but not too much fatty foods. Stay physically active like playing basketball, running, cycling, and many more. Don't skip meals and eat atleast four times a day.
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    Is bike-riding a good exercise for losing weight?

    Yes, cycling is a very good way to lose weight. I think all that will get your sweats out will help you cut out your weight. Cycling is also one of the activities that can you enjoy why trying to lose weight. You can go to anywhere with cycling. You can literally enjoy losing weight while having...
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    Which do you prefer, exercise and training apps or a personal trainer?

    For me, I would prefer the exercise and training apps because I am in a tight budget. I know that I can search everything in the internet including all proper stretching and workouts together with the app to avoid injuries. All things are on the internet now so it is wiser just to search for it...
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    Yes or No to Gym. Unsure.

    For me, going to gym is good for our body but you have to get your body ready for the wait lifting. You should have proper training and stretching before you lift weights. Together with the proper weightlifting in the gym you should also have your proper meal diet. We can all agree that looking...