What are your goals in life aside from losing weight?

I also want to be a professional transcriber soon. I like the job and the pay, in US standards, is quite high. I am also eyeing myself to be a researcher in the field of education. This post is a good one because all these aims cannot be done without a healthy body and this forum, in a way, helps us achieve out other significant goals in life.
One of my goals is to lose weight. I've gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. But what's more importantvto me now is that I eat healthy good. Before, I used to eat anything, like I don't care if it is good for our health or not. Often times me and my family used to eat fatty foods. We also likes to eat at fast food chain. Not healthy right? Yeah, I know. But right now we are trying our best not to eat unhealthy foods. We cook a lot of veggie dishes now. So that's also one of my goal, to make my family eat healthy foods. We are really trying to make ourselves healthy, not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally. We always go to our church now and teach our kids to always worship God. Me and my husband are asking for forgiveness because we didn't attend to our church before. We did not got to worship God. And life has been hard. We learned our lesson the hard way. So right now we are doing our best to not repeat that mistake again and we like our children to grow knowing our creator.
My goal is to work hard everyday to save money for my family. We have a dream to travel together in different countries. I want to work until I have the money to spend for a vacation trip.
This is indeed a nice question to answer. Our goals serve as an inspiration or a guide for our accomplishments in the future. It gives us the courage to pursue our dreams in life.

Being a mother of two, my kids are always included in things that I want to achieve in my life. Aside from losing weight and have a long life for them, my goals are buying a house, putting up a business that will make and give a better living, and having a good life for my family with stability, simplicity and full of happiness.