Stenabolic Dosage and Half-life


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The standard Stenabolic dose is 20 mg at the minimum to 30 mg for new users and beginners. This can be adjusted depending on the need of the user or their preference. The most recommended number of weeks for an entire cycle is 6- 8 weeks.

Stacking SR9009 with Cardarine or the GW-501516 will help you achieve twice the amount of gains and positive results as well as endurance.

What Cardarine has that Stenabolic doesn’t though is the longer half-life. Since Stenabolic doesn’t work that long, it needs to be taken 3-4 times every day. But according to those with experience, a dosing schedule of 2-3 times per day is enough as well.

According to numerous clinical trials and studies, it hasn’t shown any negative side effects. But the main concern of some interested individuals is the lack of information and specific regarding the drug itself. It’s fairly new in the market, so this concern is very valid.