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8 Frequently Asked Questions While On A PSMF Diet (What To Know)

Psmf diet questions

What is the recommended calorie count that should be consumed every day when on this diet plan?

The program isn’t set up to with a certain calorie count in mind. Simply set the diet up as recommended using our PSMF Calculator. When this is followed, the calories will fall into place how they may.

However, the aim is adequate protein and EFA’s and minimize everything else, calories are considered secondary when using this plan.

Do I need an EC stack for PSMF?

No, EC Stack is not needed for a PSMF. EC stack is just another tool in the arsenal to be able to make this diet protocol easier to deal with. [no_toc]

Ephedrine + Caffeine has a profound impact on suppressing the appetite which makes PSMF dieting much easier. EC Stack raises blood pressure and heart rate so it’s not recommended if you any current known health issues.

For some people who are very sensitive to stimulants, you might experience dizziness or anxiety from the taking the EC stack combo.

Can you add intermittent fasting to PSMF?

frequent asked questions protein sparing modified fast

Yes, intermittent fasting is just an eating protocol to make dieting easier. Due to the low volume of food that we eat while on PSMF, intermittent fasting makes it easier to adhere to the diet protocol.

If you’ve never done Intermittent fasting and then combine it with PSMF, you could develop/trigger binge eating habits when you break in your fasts, so be sure to exercise caution when you are new to PSMF.

You can simply eat two meals a day within a 6-hour window and occasionally do a few 24-30 hour fast to boost fat loss. Intermittent fasting can be used as another tool.

I was thinking about doing some cardio exercise on this program.  What am I allowed to do?

This could be perhaps the most frequent query that is asked in regards to the diet plan. The concept of doing little or no exercise and cardio while dieting really confuses many people. The book states that the results tend to be worse when doing cardio, the same can be said for higher intensity cardiovascular activity that is totally prohibited around the diet plan.

But just how much is over the top?

Walking twenty to thirty minutes per day at a normal intensity pace should be the maximum. Most people have gotten their best results from doing no cardio at all. Some feel like they should be carrying out plenty of cardio while dieting. If this is the case, a PSMF is not for you and I would advise you to look into another plan.

Are there acceptable amounts of carbohydrates and fat per meal on Step-by-Step Beginners Guide Program?


Three to five grams of each per meal is about the most before you’re no longer doing the diet in any way shape or form. This assumes that you are consuming three to four meals every day while doing PSMF. By doing this in small quantities, this will only help you in the long term by introducing you to a variety.

Be careful though, because most foods you eat already have traces in them.   If you let these small amounts add up over time then you could find yourself consuming too much.

The book mentions ephedrine, wasn’t this banned?

Only the herbal kind was banned, the kind mentioned in the book can still be found at many locations.

Can you tell me a little about the Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to the Psmf Diet?

The Step-by-Step Beginners guide to the Psmf Diet comes with everything you need to succeed with the Psmf diet. It also explains how to use the Psmf Calculator to help setup the plan.

The Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to the Psmf Diet is an integrated method of nutrition and exercise designed to lose fat and weight quickly while maintaining the safest way possible. It focuses only on the essential nutrients and carrying out the correct kind of weight instruction, in which weight and fat loss can happen very quickly

This can produce excellent results when you only possess a quick time to produce massive adjustments. The Psmf Diet program approach can also be used in the beginning of a moderate weight loss diet plan.

I am very confused in regards to the intake of vegetables that are allowed on this diet plan.  Can you explain this?

You say that dieters could consume primarily limitless amounts of fiber veggies?

In the case in point,  it is not very likely that one is going to eat such a large quantity of vegetables that you would also intake such a large quantity of calories. However, it can undoubtedly occur. On the same note, don’t place a specific value or certain number when keeping a count of what you are eating. This will only create more confusion to what should be a very simple diet plan.

Here are a few examples. Let’s say a female on the plan was eating only four to five hundred calories in a day. Let’s say she went overboard on vegetables, eating large quantities in every one of her 4 meals, she may simply add over two hundred calories to the diet program; that would put her at almost fifty percent of her every- day limit, cutting her day-to-day deficit significantly.

Consider this in a big male who may be eating eight hundred to a thousand calories (or even more), that very same veggie intake could be absolutely just fine. The point to take here is not limit your veggie intake; it is strongly suggested you eat some at every meal to maintain you being full, and so forth. At the exact same time, do not abuse veggies in which you sidetrack the diet plan and minimize what you are trying to accomplish.

There is a time when you want to consume more veggies, and that’s during the refeed cycle of the psmf diet. Have more questions about the PSMF Diet?  Leave a comment below or visit our community forums.

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