Dianabol – The Ultimate (Step-by-Step) Beginners Guide


You’ve been working your butt off every day in the gym, and you’ve gained an impressive muscle mass.

Unfortunately, you’ve plateaued, and you can’t seem to break past your limits.

This situation is one that thousands of men run into every year, and it is indeed frustrating.

However, you’ve been considering using supplements to boost your mass, including steroids like Dianabol.


Before you make that decision, it is essential to know as much as possible about this item and how it will affect your body and your muscle mass.

While you will gain a lot of muscles when pairing it with regular muscle-building routines, there are many drawbacks and legal issues that could occur with your use.


In this article, I will discuss the nature of Dianabol, how it works to build your muscles, the kinds of gains you can expect, how to cycle and post-cycle, side effects that could complicate your muscle increase, the price you’ll pay for both Dianabol and alternatives, and where to find high-quality legal Dianabol.


What is Dianabol?

Before trying out any steroid product, it is essential to understand it on a deeper level.

The following section will take a look at the history of Dianabol and gauge why it was developed. Then, it will look through how it works and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your body will be affected by it. In this way, you can ensure you get the results you want from this high-quality supplement.


The History of Dianabol

Testosterone chemical structure formula written on blackboard with chalk.Dianabol is the generic name for a substance known as methandienone.

Chemists in Switzerland in 1955 first synthesized this chemical and developed it as a treatment for people who suffered from muscle-wasting diseases. As a result, it was initially prescribed and marketed to the elderly and people who suffered from serious burns.

The idea of a muscle-building supplement was unknown at the time, though wouldn’t be for long after the release of this substance.


When the Switzerland laboratory which developed this steroid applied for a patent in 1957, they expanded the scope of its use. Eventually, it was adapted for use as an off-label athletic-improvement supplement for weightlifters and athletes.

This use started when the muscle gains of early adoptees far exceeded their expectation. As a result, this early development period makes it the first performance-enhancing steroid of its type ever used for athletic performance.


Some of the earliest uses of this substance included its team-wide use by the San Diego Chargers starting in 1963. The team continued to use this supplement and adoption spread throughout various football leagues. Use of Dianabol also spread to many collegiate competitors, including athletes in schools such as Oklahoma University.

The side effects of steroid use were mostly unknown at the time, meaning that many who used this substance ended up with severe and adverse reactions.


The widespread and unregulated use of Dianabol was hit hard in 1962. In this year, the Kefauver Harris Amendment passed and created stricter regulations for drugs, medicines, and supplements. As a result, substances that were used in the past had to be carefully tested to ensure that they were safe for human consumption.

In 1965, the FDA started to ask for more proof of legitimate medical uses for Dianabol and approved it for use in treating osteoporosis and some forms of dwarfism. However, the FDA continued to investigate this substance over the proceeding years.


During this time, other types of steroids were developed, inspired by the example set by Dianabol. Rampant use of these substances occurred in various athletes, most famously among muscle builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These substances were not as popular as Dianabol, however, as this substance was still the most effective and efficient way of increasing muscle mass. As these supplements were developed, the FDA regularly investigated them and started to demand medical studies that proved legitimate medical uses.


As a result of this increased pressure and harsher regulations, the Swiss company producing Dianabol pulled out of the American market in 1983. By this time, generic production of Dianabol was still in effect.

However, it eventually stopped being produced by 1985 and the FDA revoked its approval in the same year. It was struck another blow in 1990 when the Anabolic Steroids Control Act made steroids a controlled substance. As a result, these substances were more difficult, but not impossible, to obtain legally.


The Nature of Dianabol

Dianabol is known as a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is a synthetic form of testosterone and is used to replace and boost the body’s production of this hormone. Unlike some forms of steroids, Dianabol is effective when taken by the mouth. As a result, it continues to remain one of the most popular and effective ways to increase muscle mass.


When a person takes it as a supplement, the methandienone binds to androgen receptors in the body to increase protein synthesis. It also boosts glycogenolysis to produce more energy in your body. As a result, your muscles will feel stronger and will be able to lift heavier weights. Just as importantly, they will synthesize protein more efficiently and increase muscle mass exponentially.


How Does Dianabol Work?

How work steroid hormones response. Steroids Bind to an intracellular receptor. this complex activates gene transcription, cause a protein to be manufactured. Vector diagramDianabol works by increasing your testosterone production and protein synthesis.

Testosterone is essential when building muscles because it provides you with extra strength and personal focus.

It also increases your stamina and improves your ability to perform explosive muscle movements.

Your body naturally produces testosterone whenever you work out to help improve your physical strength.


However, your body can only produce so much testosterone at once.

In fact, some men may have a low level of testosterone production that can sabotage their muscle-building effectiveness.

That is one reason why your muscle-building routine may plateau no matter how hard you work out.

Some men are just unable to develop huge muscles naturally.


That’s where Dianabol comes into play. It is a synthetic form of testosterone that will temporarily increase your production of this hormone.

It will also be severe as a form of the hormone in the body, creating an even higher level of testosterone while you exercise. Therefore, your strength will increase even more and you’ll find it even easier to work out than you did before you took these supplements.


Beyond testosterone production, Dianabol also boosts your protein synthesis. This benefit is critical because protein is used to build your muscles while you work out. That’s because working out will tear your muscles and force your body to rebuild them.

When your body restores them with protein, they naturally increase their strength and size to avoid future damage.


Therefore, increasing your ability to synthesize this compound will significantly increase your muscle mass by allowing it to build even more massive muscles. It will also provide you with an energy boost that will make exercise even more comfortable.

People who take Dianabol often find it is easier to exercise for hours at a time without getting tired.


One interesting Dianabol reaction rarely discussed is its increased nitrogen retention.

Nitrogen is an essential item in the body, particularly for building stronger and more substantial muscles. That’s because nitrogen naturally improves your ability to make muscles. Thankfully, Dianabol increases your rate of nitrogen retention and allows it to increase your muscle size and boost your strength even more. Beyond that, Dianabol can also increase your blood flow and improve your mental focus.


And when paired with exercise, Dianabol can also improve your calcium synthesis and boost your bone strength. As a result, Dianabol may be used, in some limited circumstances, by those with osteoporosis.

All of these benefits occur because of the changes in your chemical and hormone levels in your body. However, these changes can also produce severe side effects that must be discussed before you invest in Dianabol or a legal alternative.


Best Legal Alternative to Dianabol


D-BAL by CrazyBulk

buy dbal Where to buy Dbal


Is Dianabol Legal?

dianabol legalThose who are interested in Dianabol should understand that it isn’t easy to purchase in many parts of the world.

While some countries provide it as an over-the-counter purchase or as a prescription, countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom consider it a controlled substance.

This fact means that it cannot be purchased without a prescription for specific diseases. Dianabol is a controlled substance due to the potency of its effects and its capacity to be misused.


Therefore, it is illegal to purchase and use this substance without medical permission. And in most cases, you aren’t going to get Dianabol as a prescription, no matter how hard you try. That’s because most medical specialists will seek other alternatives when trying to treat specific diseases.

For example, it is typically sold only to people who suffer from muscle-wasting illnesses that cannot be treated in any other ways. Beyond that, it may also be given to those with severe osteoporosis bone damage. If you do not suffer from these medical conditions, don’t expect to get a prescription for Dianabol.


However, a large number of professional and amateur bodybuilders still get access to Dianabol in countries that either prohibit its use or strictly control it. That’s because they purchase it on the black market or get it shipped to them from other countries.

Some doctors may also take a bribe to prescribe it to somebody who doesn’t need it. As a result, its use is nowhere near as controlled as its status would indicate.


That said, it will be challenging, if not impossible, for most people to obtain Dianabol legally. Therefore, it is important to find legal alternatives that simulate its effects without getting you in trouble with the law.

While I will talk about these other options later on in this article, it is worth knowing why so many people are breaking the law to get Dianabol. Most people consider its to be one of the most potent and powerful steroids on the market.


So while I can’t suggest that you try to break the law to obtain Dianabol, this information can help you understand the potential potency of many types of Dianabol alternatives.

These substances use different chemicals and ingredients to create effects that are very similar to Dianabol. Therefore, learning about Dianabol is worth your time if you are interested in muscle building, even if it isn’t legal in your country.


What are the Benefits of Dianabol?

benefits of dianabolThe incredible muscle gains common with Dianabol attract many professional bodybuilders and athletes and inspire them to cycle with it.

Even if it is technically a controlled substance, these athletes will take extra-legal steps to get this substance into their life. That’s because it is still the most useful and powerful type of steroid ever developed. Even if it was the first synthetic steroid ever created, no other alternative has ever topped it. And while it may cause the most severe side effects of any steroid, its gains and benefits often outweigh these issues in the eyes of users.


That’s because it will increase your level of testosterone to higher levels than any other steroid. While I’ve already talked about why this is important for muscle building, it is worth stressing this point.

Dianabol is, still, the most potent way to increase your testosterone. Beyond that, it remains the best way to increase your nitrogen levels and boost your protein synthesis even further.


Other benefits include improved circulation, better calcium usage, increased energy levels, and enhanced exercise intensity. However, you didn’t come to this section wanting to know about improved blood flow. You’re here to find out what kinds of muscle gains you’ll get with Dianabol.

Below, you’ll find a description of the average increases during the weeks of your cycle and a before-and-after picture that showcases just how potent Dianabol can be for muscle gain.


Typical Gains With Dianabol

gains on dianbolWhile your gains will vary depending on your body’s chemistry and your workout schedule, you will increase your muscles when using Dianabol if you use it and workout regularly.

After one week, expect an average increase of about 4-7 pounds of muscle mass. That’s not a typo; people who use Dianabol should see almost immediate results even in their first week of usage. These results include increased muscle mass and definition, such as boosted muscle lines and enhanced texture.


After about two weeks, you should have a total increase of about 8-12 pounds of muscle mass. The growth slows down a bit here because you will be gaining some water weight in the first few weeks.

Usually, about 5-10 percent of the weight gained when building muscles consists of water weight. Therefore, your extra weight may not be just muscles. Thankfully, your water retention and water weight should decrease over the proceeding weeks of your cycle. At the end of your routine, your water retention should be minimal to non-existent.


Therefore, you should expect to see gains of about 15-20 pounds of muscles after about four weeks of your routine. That increased muscle mass will also include extra definition, tone, and improved muscle lines.

You’ll also have a more potent metabolism and will be capable of exercising for more extended periods at an increased intensity. Therefore, it will be easier for you to maintain a challenging routine without getting fatigued.


While a typical cycle of Dianabol ends after about six weeks, some people may extend it to eight weeks. At this point, you will have gained 28-35 pounds of muscle mass, tone, and definition.


How Do You Do a Dianabol Cycle?

steroid pillsCycling with Dianabol can be done in a variety of different ways. It usually requires using a variety of stacking supplements to ensure that you perform this process properly. Below are several examples of a typical Dianabol cycle and the adjustments that must be made during each.


A Longer Cycle With Post-Cycle Care

When you are performing a Dianabol cycle, there are a few cycle patterns you can try out.

One popular choice adds Testosterone Cypionate and Deca Durabolin to the cycle to increase its potency. It also includes HCG as a post-cycle therapy that helps to adjust your body to a normal testosterone cycle. During this cycle, you will take 20 milligrams of Dianabol every day for 10 weeks. Starting from the third week, you will take 250 milligrams of Testosterone Cypionate.


You will take that supplement for two weeks after you stop taking Dianabol. Two weeks after you start the Testosterone Cypionate, you will begin receiving 200 milligrams of Deca Durabolin. This supplement will last for another two weeks after you quit your Testosterone Cypionate and four weeks after you stop Dianabol. By now, your routine should have lasted you about 14 weeks.


Quit taking Deca Durabolin during the 15th week and let your body relax for the whole week. Then, you take 7,500-10,000 i.u. of HCG in the 16th week. Decrease this intake to 5,000-7,500 i.u. in the 17th week and then to 5,000 i.u. in the 18th week. Now, you can start back up on Dianabonal relatively quickly.

The lengthy post-cycle period allows you to get back into use in a matter of weeks.


A Faster Cycle

This quicker eight-week cycle starts with you taking 35 milligrams of Dianabol every day for the first five weeks. Then, you take 25 milligrams in the sixth week and stop taking this supplement for the last two weeks. Unlike the last cycle, you take another supplement with your Dianabol in the first week. Start 50 milligrams of Anadrol every day for the first five weeks of this cycle. Stop taking it after that period has passed.


Starting in the third week of this cycle, you will take 25 milligrams of Proviron with your Dianabol and Anadrol. Stop taking this supplement after the fifth week. During the fifth week, start taking 10 milligrams of Nolvadex and take it for another three weeks.

It is the last supplement you take on this cycle and helps transition you away from Dianabol. After you finish this routine, you can wait eight weeks before beginning again. The decreased post-cycle therapy makes this a more natural and quicker cycle for many to handle.


A Less Medication-Heavy Cycle

This cycle requires less heavy medication and also has a shorter post-cycle treatment period. Start the first week taking 40 milligrams of Dianabol every day. Increase your dose to 50 milligrams per day for the next four weeks and end the sixth week taking 40 milligrams every day. Stop taking Dianabol for the remainder of this nine-week cycle.


In the fifth week, start taking 20 milligrams of Nolvadex every day. Take it for the next two weeks and stop usage on the eighth week of the cycle. Beginning in the seventh week, you should then take 100 milligrams of Clomid every day. Follow this schedule for the eighth week and then decrease to 50 milligrams on the ninth week before quitting.


What Does a Cycle Look Like?

Syringe with glass vials and medications pills with defocused doctor's hands preparing for a treatment procedureDepending on where you start your cycle, your improvements will vary.

However, you should see an immediate boost in your muscle definition. You’ll notice your muscles are more obvious and appear more defined. Their texture will also increase, making you appear more buff than you were before you started the cycle.


After about 1-2 weeks, you’ll start to notice increased muscle mass. This growth will appear everywhere that you work your body. Most users will see increased biceps and triceps right away. Chest and ab muscles also tend to increase during this period. Further benefits during these weeks include expanded definition and muscle lines.


From about 3-4 weeks, you’ll start to look like a new person. You’ll have gained as much definition as possible during this first cycle and will be adding pure muscle mass to your body. You’ll likely see the kind of rolling muscles that are common on professional muscle builders. Even better, you’ll notice an increase in your ab definition. Many users will develop a six pack around this time.


After this point, you’ll see ever increasing gains across your body. However, your exact increases are likely to slow down a little here. That’s because your body has a natural muscle-mass limitation. Even with Dianabol, you will be limited to what your body can add. Just as importantly, you may start to lose some muscle mass after you end your cycle.


That’s because your body’s natural testosterone levels will be decreased and require a period of recovery. Thankfully, you can minimize or even prevent muscle loss by going through post-cycle therapy. And while you may lose some definition or muscle mass when you stop these supplements, you’ll remain a buff and healthy person if you follow a post-cycle routine.


What is Post-Cycle Therapy for Dianabol?

Post-cycle therapy is critical for those who take any steroids. It helps to increase your rate of hormone recovery and maximizes your gains. Failure to perform this therapy will make it harder for your natural testosterone to recover. Even worse, it will cause you to lose muscle mass and make your cycle pointless.


Typically, you need to take SERMs during this process to make it effective. These are Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and are designed to stimulate the release of Luteinizing. This hormone controls your production of testosterone. SERMs range from products such as Clomid and Nolvadex. You may have noticed that I already mentioned these two substances when describing a few Dianabol cycles.


Your post-cycle therapy period will vary depending on the intensity of your Dianabol cycle and your reaction to it. Typically, a good post-cycle therapy should last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. A good rule of thumb is to schedule a post-cycle period that lasts as long as your Dianabol cycle. Once you are finished, you can either continue your usual exercise routine or begin another Dianabol cycle.


What are the Side Effects of Dianabol?

side effects of dianabolPeople who want to take this supplement or one of its alternatives need to understand its side effects. These adverse reactions include:


  • Breast growth due to increased estrogen


  • Increased hair growth (particularly in women) due to extra testosterone


  • Excessive water weight


  • Oily skin and excessive acne


  • Liver damage


  • Baldness


  • Anger-control problems


  • Paranoia


  • Aggressive behaviors



Thankfully, these side effects will be minimized with Dianabol alternatives. That said, they can still occur in a broad range of people and are very damaging when they do occur.


What is the Price of Dianabol?

price of dbalThe purchase price will vary depending on where you buy it.

If you want to find an illegal source or import it from outside of the country, expect to pay up to $1,000 or more for an entire cycle. Thankfully, this price is common only with pure Dianabol. The alternative options are much cheaper and shouldn’t cost you anywhere near that much money.


For example, a month supply of some supplements may cost as little as $60 per bottle. That price may seem high to some people but is relatively low for the market.

In fact, some companies charge up to $120-150 per month for the supplements. And stacking these supplements will cost you even more money. A typical bulking stack can cost up to $250 per month.


In some instances, you may be able to find deals that help save you money. Companies such as CrazyBulk often run promotions that give you two bottles of their Dbal for the price of one. As a result, you can save more than $60 and use your second bottle on your next cycle. However, many of these sales are often one-time deals that go away after a period. Thankfully, new deals often pop up from other dealers and can you even more cash.


Is It Worth Trying the Illegal Option?

The potency of the original Dianabol formula may inspire you to find a source of this illegal drug and import it for your use.

While many athletes perform this action every year, I can’t suggest breaking the law to get Dianabol in this way. Even though it is a potent supplement that can improve your muscle strength, it is just not worth the legal risk. Beyond that, the extra price is just not worth it when you have so many great legal alternatives.


My suggestion here is to ignore the allure of illegal Dianabol and try out one of the alternatives instead. While they won’t be as potent as the real deal, they are legal and safe to use. In fact, most companies that produce these alternatives adjust the formula of the Dianabol to ensure that the adverse side effects of this substance are minimized as much as possible.


Therefore, it is essential to narrow down your options and find a product that is right for you. The section below will help you out in this process. In it, I list the three best Dianabol alternatives on the market and narrow them down to your best choice. Purchasing that supplement should provide you with a maximum level of muscle gains with minimum risk.


What are the Legal Alternatives to Buying Dianabol?


The legal complications common when trying to buy Dianabol make it necessary to find some alternatives that create a similar effect. Therefore, I’m going to take a look at several of the most popular Dianabol alternatives on the market. Each of these items is 100 percent legal and creates similar results when compared to Dianabol.

While none of them are quite as potent as the real deal, they are an excellent choice for someone who wants bigger muscles without serious legal problems.


Ingredients to Consider When Buying Alternatives

Protein moleculeWhen you are shopping for an alternative, there are many choices to consider. The most important of these considerations is the ingredients used in each supplement. The following four products should be included in any alternative that you want to buy:


  • Tribulus Terrestris – This herb is available in many Dianabol alternatives. It improves your testosterone production and can even increase your sexual potency.


  • Leucine – This amino acid helps to activate the type of protein in your body that boosts your ability to synthesize protein. As a result, any good Dianabol alternative should have some of this ingredient.


  • L-IsoleucineIsoleucine – Another amino acid, this type helps to improve your protein synthesis and improves your muscle mass at the same time.


  • Protein – A good Dianabol supplement should also contain a high level of protein. It can help to increase your muscle mass and improve your exercise effectiveness.


Make sure that any alternative supplement you use has at least two or more of these ingredients. Now that you better understand these ingredients, we can take a look at the best supplements that can benefit your exercise routine. Each mini-review will look at the benefits and disadvantages of these products and their price. At the end of this section, I will give my opinion of the best choice based on its potency and price.


Where to Buy Dianabol


DBal by Crazy Bulks

buy dbal Where to buy Dbal



This supplement is one that continually tops many supplement lists. That’s because it has some of the biggest benefits of any Dianabol alternative on the market. It is probably the closest alternative, chemically, to Dianabol. As a result, it provides many of the same advantages while minimizing the negatives common with Dianabol use.


D-BAL can also be used in a variety of different stack types, including bulk, strength, and ultimate stacks. Beyond that diversity of use, it is 100 percent legal and won’t cause any complications with the law. When taking it, you should receive benefits such as faster muscle gains and improved strength. Even better, it also contains the three ingredients listed above.


The most significant downside to this product is the price. Steroids are almost never cheap, and this one has a relatively high purchase price. That said, its effectiveness does outweigh the purchase cost. In fact, its purchase price of about $60 per month does make it the least expensive item on my list. Therefore, it is fair to say that it is well worth your consideration.


Dbal Results



DBol-GH from HGH

HGH produces a variety of different products that are designed to improve your health. This HGH product is another popular Dianabol alternative that a growing number of people are using to build larger muscles. The benefits of this supplement are many. It contains leucine and isoleucine, making it a great choice for those who want to build muscles quickly and efficiently.


Like other Dianabol alternatives on the market, this product will increase your lean muscle growth and speed up your exercise recovery speed. It contains one of the most potent and most concentrated formulas on the market, meaning you’ll see results very quickly. However, it has a few downsides that make it less desirable and, ultimately, a supplement that many may pass on purchasing.


The biggest downside for me is the fact that it doesn’t try to minimize the negative effects of Dianabol. Instead, it focuses on improving the benefits of Dianabol to even higher levels. As a result, people who purchase this product are more likely to suffer from adverse side effects than those who use other products. The price tag of $149 per month is also incredibly difficult to justify.


Marine Muscle Drill Master

Last on my list is this potent product. It contains all of the ingredients mentioned above plus an incredible dose of whey protein. In fact, it probably has the most protein of any of the supplements on this list. With a dosage of 450 milligrams of whey protein per serving, you’ll find your muscles getting bigger and stronger in no time.


In many ways, this high level of protein makes this one of the most effective items on my list. It is also an excellent choice because it settles in the stomach quite easily. Therefore, you won’t suffer from any problematic indigestion when taking this supplement every day.


Problematically, this product contains DHEA. While this ingredient is useful for building muscles, it limits its use and may make it harder to find. And its $64.99 price tag makes it sit between the first and second choices on this list. Those who want a potent alternative but who don’t want to buy CrazyBulk should try out this product.


My Suggestion

When it comes down to picking the best Dianabol alternative on the market, I think that D-Bal by CrazyBulk is your best choice. While it does have a few downsides that limit its usefulness, it is simply too diverse and powerful when compared to the other supplements like it on the market.


You should be able to find this supplement in a pharmacy near you or most online supplement shops. It usually retails for around $59 per bottle, meaning it won’t be cheap. However, anyone serious about real muscle gains should check it out.


Summary of Dianabol


FAQ on Dianabol

frequently asked questions about dianabol

Q: What happens if you overdose on Dianabol?

While some people take up to 100 milligrams every day, this is not a wise decision.

Typically, you want to limit your use to about 25-50 milligrams. However, you can take up to 80 milligrams per day while suffering from minimal side effects or adverse reactions. That said, taking more than 80 milligrams typically won’t cause any dangerous or severe reactions.


However, this higher dosage rate increases not only your chance of side effects but also their severity. For example, your estrogen levels are likely to rise even higher than they would on lower doses. As a result, you may find yourself developing more massive and more tender breasts.

Your voice could also increase in pitch the longer you take this high dose. In some instances, severe anger issues may plague people who use excessive amounts.  Therefore, it is best to stay within a reasonable limit when using this supplement.


Q: How can I decide on Dianabol dosage?

Typically, the dosage levels of range from 10-50 milligrams. As I previously mentioned, you should avoid taking more than 80 milligrams in a day. At that point, you are going to suffer from serious and troubling side effects that could complicate your muscle improvement. Some might even end up being permanent issues that plague you for the rest of your life.


Therefore, 50 milligrams is commonly considered the plateau dosage level.  At this point, its effectiveness no longer increases while the chances of adverse effects skyrockets. However, you may hear your buddies at the gym suggesting an increased dosage or bragging of their high rate of use. Ignore them, as they are incorrect about the increased effectiveness of this supplement at those high levels.


Like with any supplement, it is probably wise to start with the lowest possible dose and rise to a level that you feel comfortable using. Some users like to start at five milligrams and jump their dosage over a period of several days. The cycling schedules discussed above should help you find a usage rate that is right for your muscle-building needs.


What is a Dianabol-only cycle?

A Dianabol-only cycle is exactly what its name suggests. Rather than stacking it with other supplements, you are taking it on its own. There are a few reasons that people may want to try this method. First of all, it is a lot cheaper to buy one supplement than it is multiple ones. It is also easier to predict the side effects and to adjust your dosage when they occur.


However, stacking is often a good idea if you want to avoid some adverse effects. For example, a testosterone booster prevents an increase in estrogen levels and improves your muscle mass. You can also combine it with other types of supplements to ensure that you are healthy. Try out a vitamin and protein supplement to provide your muscles with more energy and to increase your gains.


Q: How long should I cycle?

A cycle on Dianabol should last no longer than 4-6 weeks. After this point, the downsides and side effects will start to outweigh the benefits and start to become more problematic. You will also start to notice that your muscle gains are smaller than they were at the beginning of your cycle. That’s because your body’s production of testosterone is decreasing, even if you take supplements of that hormone.


Often, it is a good idea to aim for a five-week cycle when starting out.  This length is a balance between the four-week minimum and the six-week maximum. After you finish the cycle, you should quit taking this supplement for a period that corresponds to your initial cycle. This recovery period allows your body’s chemistry and hormone levels to get back to normal and prepares you for more cycles in the future.


Q: Are there places to buy Dianabol legally?

While you may be able to get a prescription for Dianabol in America, your chances of success are meager. The controlled nature of this substance makes it very hard to find a doctor who will prescribe it. This fact is particularly true because safer alternatives can also create the few medical benefits offered by Dianabol. As a result, it is usually best to find one of the legal options already discussed.


However, you may be able to buy Dianabol from other countries where it is legal and have it shipped to America. For example, Mexico and Thailand allow over-the-counter purchases for anyone who walks into a pharmacy. There are online pharmacies in this country that will provide it for you. In the UK, it is legal to obtain Dianabol only with a prescription and just for medical purposes. Canada’s odd regulations make it legal to use it but illegal to sell it.


These difficulties make it problematic to obtain this substance in America. In fact, you can even get in legal trouble if you are caught getting it shipped to your home from an authorized source. Therefore, I strongly advise against taking this route when obtaining Dianabol. If you cannot get a prescription from your doctor, just use one of the legal alternatives I have already discussed.


Q: How is Dianabol tested for in competition?

Most serious muscle-building competitions will ask competitors to perform a steroid check before the event begins. This test typically requires providing urine that is then checked for remnants of Dianabol. It remains in your system for a lengthy period, meaning it is hard to beat these tests, even if you know they are coming up. Some competitors have fooled these tests in the past, though, and ended up getting caught at some point.


Other athletic competitions, such as semi-professional baseball or hockey leagues, may not regularly test for Dianabol or other forms of steroids. However, they may check an athlete if they find their muscle-mass increases are suspicious. Other sports leagues may have league-wide tests that ensure athletes are not using it or other steroids. As a result, it is best to avoid the use of these substances before a competition.


Q: Will Dianabol shrink my testicles?

One concern that plagues many men who use Dianabol is testicle shrinkage. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common side effects of taking this supplement. About 40 percent of the 88 percent of users who noted side effects experienced testicle shrinkage. This decreased size was noticeable visibly and corresponded to other concerns, such as increased estrogen.


Thankfully, this decrease in testicle size is almost always temporary when it occurs. When you stop taking Dianabol regularly, any testicle shrinkage should disappear. However, the longer you take it, the more severe your reduction. And higher doses of this supplement will also further decrease your testicle size. Therefore, it is wise to stop taking Dianabol if you notice a decrease in your testicle size.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, the benefits of finding legal and safe Dianabol are countered by a few potentially potent side effects. In some instances, the side effects may be debilitating if they are too severe. Therefore, you need to make a careful decision when buying this steroid. Just as importantly, you need to understand why you are buying it and know what will happen if you try to use it or any other steroid during athletic competitions.


The controlled nature of Dianabol and its frowned-upon nature make it a risky investment for people who are serious about competitive muscle building. While it gives you an edge when you are trying to bulk up quickly and efficiently, it could also end your career if you are caught using it. This problem plagues many sports. For example, athletes who get caught using steroids may end up pariahs and outcasts, such as Alex Rodriguez or Lance Armstrong. And Russia, as a country, was banned from attending the 2018 Olympics due to excessive steroid use in past events.


Even worse, the use of legal Dianabol alternatives is often punished in the competitive world. Therefore, you need to be very careful if you plan on pairing it with competitive lifting. However, if you are merely into building larger muscles while doing a protein sparing modified fast, and don’t plan on competing, other Dbal alternatives are probably one of the most effective ways to quickly build muscle mass. Just make sure to follow your post-cycle routine to replace testosterone in your body and ensure that you are safe and healthy.

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