How To Keep The Weight Off After Losing It

It was a long and hard road to get all that weight off but here you are - you finally reached your target! After working hard and sticking to your Protein Sparing Modified Fast regimen - you successfully reached your desired weight. You have put in the hours and carefully monitored your protein intake. You made sure you avoided Catabolysis - the process when your body starts to eat up your muscles and even organ tissues for protein and energy. More than that, there is also the small matter of being a part of the elite few. Statistics reveal that among those who made New Year’s resolutions, only 8% actually reach them. As the case is every year, most of...

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Health Benefits Of Increased Protein Intake

Protein intake is one of the pillars of any diet regimen - especially with the Protein Sparing Modified Fast program. The amount of protein that you consume in your diet, or even on a regular basis, has a direct effect in helping you reach your target weight successfully. If you choose to simply ignore your protein intake then you run the risk of missing your goal. Diet programs are gaining popularity nowadays. A study published in The Atlantic revealed that no more than three percent of Americans understand and follow a healthy lifestyle. This is probably why there is currently an increase in diet programs. People have come to accept that healthy living is a must. But although they explore...

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How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

    Staying Motivated to Lose Weight While the Protein Sparing Modified Fast program can help you lose weight, you still need to put in equal amounts of hard work to stay motivated to complete it. Accomplishing and actually reaching your desired body weight would also depend on how bad you want it. This is where motivation comes in. Motivation is like the fuel to your drive to meet your ideal weight. It actually plays a crucial role in determining your path to success. There are times that you can fall short of your goal simply because you lacked the motivation you needed to get the work done. But then there will also be times when you might have too...

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