Anadrol – Step-By-Step Complete Guide | Dosing, Benefits, Cycling

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Bulking or cutting requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and maybe a little bit of help.

That’s why a growing number of individuals are learning to take Anadrol and other types of anabolic steroids safely.

These controversial medicines and supplements may not be strictly necessary for creating larger muscles, but a growing number of people are using them to increase their muscle size exponentially.


That said, there are risks associated with taking any anabolic steroid that must be fully understood before you start an exercise routine with them.

The following information will provide you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to fully understand these products and know how to use them safely.

It also includes information on high-quality alternatives that you can take instead.


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What is Anadrol?


Simply put, Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that has been used for decades to increase muscle mass and to improve performance.

Over the years, it has been sold under a variety of different names and at different doses. Like other types of testosterone-boosting products, it works to increase your maximum level of testosterone production.


The way it achieves these effects are essential to understand before you start taking it. Each anabolic steroid has a slightly different design and works in various ways.

The same is true of Anadrol.

However, its unique design and features make it one of the most potent and intriguing synthetic anabolic steroids on the market today.


How Does Anadrol Work?

Testosterone chemical structure formula written on blackboard with chalk.

Let’s take a brief look at the molecular structure of Anadrol to get a feel for how it works.

We aren’t going to give you a biology or genetics lesson, though, so don’t worry.

Instead, we’ll start by defining Anadrol as a 17-alpha alkylated steroid. This definition means that the 17th carbon position of the steroid has been altered to make it easier to take without having to inject it.


That is just a fancy way of saying that you can take this steroid orally and still get the same effects that you would if you injected it.

However, you can also insert it directly into your muscles if you want a faster-acting result. No matter what way you take it, though, Anadrol will start to promote stronger and more effective testosterone production in your body at an accelerated pace.


The reasons for this are simple to understand and explain. Your body can only produce so much testosterone in a day.

When you are a teenager, or in your 20s, you produce relatively large amounts. However, these levels will go down as you age. And most people have a strict upper level that their body will never pass, meaning that some individuals may be naturally low on testosterone.


Synthetic steroids like Anadrol primarily work like extra testosterone for your body to process while you work out.

However, they are designed to be more potent and powerful than natural testosterone. As a result, you will be able to work out for more extended periods without getting tired. That’s because testosterone helps your muscles heal more effectively after exercise.


That’s Not All


Heightened testosterone in your body will also provide you with more energy, increase your explosive strength, and make it easier for your muscles to get larger.

That’s because testosterone is one of the chemicals that helps to trigger rebuilding and healing of muscles after they are torn during exercise.

Higher levels of testosterone in your body mean that your muscles will heal in a larger state and more quickly than they would with lower levels of testosterone.


These benefits are also balanced by the ways that testosterone affects your appetite.

While I will discuss this point in more depth later on in the article, you should know that taking Anadrol can both increase your hunger level and decrease it.


The Potency Will Vary


People who take steroids will often experience different results from other people who take the same substance. That’s because our bodies are slightly different in design and typically react to different chemicals in a multitude of ways.

Just think of your friend who drinks nothing but coffee all day but who never suffers from a caffeine crash. That happens because their body is more adapted to caffeine use and accepts it more easily than those of other people.


That said, other factors can affect how well this product works. For example, you should probably try to eat more protein when using Anadrol and exercise regularly.

Merely taking Anadrol and doing nothing will not increase your muscle mass. In fact, your muscles will remain at the same level, and your energy levels remain low even if you take steroids. Therefore, people who exercise more frequently and at higher intensities will bulk up more quickly when using Anadrol.


What are the Benefits of Anadrol?

anadrol benefits

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Anadrol works, it is a good idea to take a look at its many benefits. These can give you insight into how it helps people like you when taken properly.

Later on, I will showcase the proper dosage of Anadrol and the various cycles that you can use when taking it.


Later on, I will also highlight some of the side effects that occur when taking this supplement. These do offset the benefits of Anadrol a bit and should be carefully debated before you make any purchase of this product for muscle-building or medicinal reasons.


Potential for Huge Muscle Gains

anadrol bodybuilding

One of the biggest benefits of Anadrol is its potency.

Most people who use it report that they experience big gains in the first week alone. And then, they also state that they gain around 20-30 pounds of muscle in their first Anadrol cycle.

While these gains are not typical for all users, they have occurred in the most dedicated and skilled users of Anadrol. That’s because Anadrol is one of the most potent of all steroids currently on the market.


For example, in one study, it was found that Anadrol (also known by its generic medicine name, oxymetholone) helped to increase fat-free mass in the body (i.e., muscle), improved overall physical functioning, boosted hand-grip strength, and built more type I muscle fiber.

The people in the study did the same exercises at the same intensity, but one group received a placebo instead of Anadrol.

Tellingly, those in the placebo group saw minimal to no increases in the areas that Anadrol benefited in those who paired it with exercise.


These gains were particularly noticeable in people who suffered from a muscle-wasting disease, such as muscular dystrophy. That is one reason why Anadrol is one of the few steroids of its type still available for prescription use.

However, that topic will be discussed in more depth later on in the article when we take a look at the legality of Anadrol and where you can find it for purchase.


Anadrol Increases Your Red Blood Cells

3d rendered illustration of many blood cells

Few people realize just how important red blood cells are for building high-quality muscles.

That said, they probably understand that red blood cells help to move oxygen from their lungs and to various parts of the body. This aspect of your blood helps to make your body healthier and keeps your nerves, tendons, and organs healthy. J

ust as importantly, it helps your muscles recover from damage, such as the tears that occur when exercising.


And when you workout, your body needs more red blood cells than usual. That’s because exercising tears your muscles and taxes your tendons and organs, which makes them need more oxygen than they would need in a rested state.

To improve this process, testosterone naturally increases your red blood cell count and helps it flow more rapidly through your body when it is required.


And since Anadrol increases your testosterone production and supplants it in a more potent form, it increases your red blood flow and helps keep your body more fully oxygenated.

In fact, those who use this type of steroid may even feel decreased anxiety and depression symptoms. That’s because they’ll have more oxygen flowing to their brain cells and to the various areas of it that control these mental health problems.



Reduction in Joint Paint

anadrol join pain

Joint pain is a major problem that can hinder your exercise and otherwise make your life miserable.

However, steroid injection has been used for years by medical professionals to increase the strength of your joints and tendons and to decrease severe pain. A doctor typically prescribes these medical injections and gives them in a controlled fashion.


That said, even performance-enhancing steroids like Anadrol can be used to help reduce your joint pain and increase your exercise effectiveness.

That’s because Anadrol’s chemical design is the same no matter how you use it. As a result, it is possible to take it orally for performance enhancement while also increasing the strength of your joints.


Therefore, you can not only have a stabler body but feel less pain when you work out. These help to increase your ability to workout and make it easier to sustain severe and long-lasting routines. Just as importantly, it minimizes your chances of suffering from injury while you are working out and provides you with increased overall physical strength.



Appetite Control

Improve Your Appetite or Business Process as Concept

Testosterone is a powerful substance that can cause a variety of reactions in your body.

One that few people understand is the way that it suppresses your appetite. That’s because testosterone typically signals that your body is in a tough situation or needs extra strength to survive. Suppressing the appetite makes it easier for you to stay focused without having to stop to eat food.


Increased testosterone levels also boost your metabolism to take advantage of the food you have already ingested.

That’s because increased metabolic efficiency makes it easier for you to survive on small amounts of food for extended periods.

This survival mechanism was necessary back in the early hunter-gatherer days of humanity. Raised levels of testosterone meant people were likely hunting and hadn’t eaten in a while. Therefore, the body would naturally suppress its appetite to stay focused on the hunt.


However, it is essential to know that taking too many steroids can cause an adverse reaction and increase your hunger level.

That’s because your body’s metabolism will grow so much that you will burn through your available food too quickly. Follow the dosing and cycling suggestions listed below to ensure that this problem doesn’t affect you.


What are the Types of Anadrol?

Steroids Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hormones, sports, synthetic and more.

Throughout the years, variations of Anadrol have been produced by several different companies.

The differences between these variations usually center on the potency of the medication. However, Anadrol has also gone by other names in the past, though the effects of these differently-named drugs were the same.


Therefore, it is essential to take a look at the different variations on this steroid that have been produced over the years.

In this way, you can better understand what your lifting buddies are talking about in the gym when discussing Anadrol. Just as importantly, you can find a type of Anadrol that works for your needs.


Anadrol 25


Though it isn’t used that often for performance enhancement, Anadrol 25 may be prescribed for many types of wasting diseases. True to its name, Anadrol 25 has just 25 milligrams per dose. Its weaker nature is designed to be a gentle way of improving a person’s physique and rebuilds their muscle mass in a safe and controlled manner.


Most bodybuilders will avoid it just because it doesn’t have the same kind of effect on their muscles that stronger doses possess.

In fact, you’re likely to get only 10-15 pounds of muscle gain, if that, when taking Anadrol 25. That said, those who are cutting or defining already existent muscle mass may appreciate the less severe effect of Anadrol 25. Many lifters consider it a better choice for this process than Anadrol 50.


Others may appreciate Anadrol 25 because it causes less severe side effects. The lower dose is less likely to trigger hair loss, feminization, or other health issues.

If you are worried about these problems or have experienced severe side effects to steroids in the past, Anadrol 25 may be the best choice for you. If you tolerate it well, you may be able to transition to higher doses later.


Anadrol 50


When people talk about taking Anadrol, they are likely talking about this variation.

That’s because 50 milligrams is a great middle ground for your Anadrol dosing needs. While 25 milligrams is often too little for some lifters, 100 milligrams might be too much. Thankfully, Anadrol is also more potent than the 25-milligram dose without having the same risk of side effects inherent with 100 milligrams.


The prevalence of Anadrol 50 in the lifting world is due to this excellent balance between effectiveness and risk level.

This balance makes it is the most effective type that you can find. In fact, users state that they’ve gained up to 30 pounds of muscle while on an eight-week cycle with Anadrol. Some have reported even more substantial gains, though those cannot be considered typical. And most users taking this supplement were able to avoid adverse side effects by managing their intake.


If I were going to suggest to my readers any Anadrol for muscle-building, this variation would be my choice.

The balance between your gains and side effects is perfect here, though negative results are more common than in those who take Anadrol 25. That said, it is still a good idea to examine the more potent variation to give you an idea of why it is best avoided.


Anadrol 100


While Anadrol 100 is available for those interested in higher doses, it isn’t as commonly used as Anadrol 50. In fact, a majority of lifters are likely to tell you to avoid this high dosage. That’s because they understand the effects that Anadrol has on the body and know that increasing dosing levels to 100 milligrams is likely to be more problematic than beneficial.


In fact, upping your dose from 50 milligrams to 100 milligrams may offer you no extra muscle gains at all. That’s because there’s only so much effect that anabolic steroids like Anadrol can have on your body. As a result, doubling your dose to 100 milligrams doesn’t create the same potent muscle-gain increases that you get when jumping up to 50 milligrams from 25 milligrams.


Even worse, there is a good chance that you are going to suffer from increased side effects that will be harder to control with PCT.

In fact, excessive Anadrol intake has been found to decrease a person’s appetite, which may make it harder for them to put on the extra weight they need to gain muscles. So while it won’t necessarily hurt you to take Anadrol 100, it is probably best to stick with 50 milligrams.


The History of Anadrol

history of anadrol

Anadrol is an interesting steroid to examine because its history is so tied up in the general development of anabolic steroids.

It was first created in 1959 under the name oxymetholone.

This drug was created as a way of managing muscle and bone-wasting diseases and anemia. That’s because it helps to stimulate red blood cell production and hemoglobin.


Like other steroids produced around this time, oxymetholone stimulates erythropoiesis.

This process is the one that creates new blood cells in the body. And while it shares this ability with other steroids on the market, oxymetholone was created with the express purpose of exceeding all other treatment methods. In fact, no other treatment methods have been developed since then with the same kind of potency.


The original development process was started by Zoltan Pharmaceuticals, a company which no longer exists.

Other groups picked up the slack since then and continued to produce this breakthrough medicine, finding that it increased blood cell production by five times. Interestingly, it has also been used to help manage muscle loss in AIDS patients during the 80s and 90s.


Why Anadrol Became Popular With Body Builders

anandrol bodybuilders

The biggest reasons for the success of oxymetholone or Anadrol in the bodybuilding world is likely due to Dan Duchaine.

This bodybuilder was a very vocal champion of Anadrol and used it heavily for his own needs. He promoted it as a more effective and cheaper alternative to Dianabol though, ironically, Anadrol is now more expensive..


Anyone who knows about Duchaine is likely not surprised by this information. Duchaine was a shameless self-promoter and one of the biggest names in underground steroid use.

There are even rumors that he created the first clandestine laboratories for producing steroids, though that may be an unconfirmed myth.


What is not a myth is that Duchaine’s love of steroids led directly to his death.

His heavy use and testing of various steroids (including Anadrol) caused him to suffer from severe kidney disease. Don’t worry about this happening to you, though. The amount of steroids Duchaine took far exceeds the level you’d reach by following the dosing and cycling guidelines I discuss below. That said, those with kidney problems need to take care when using any types of anabolic steroids.


The Brand-Name Variations of Anadrol Over the Years

Steroids 3D sphere Word Cloud Concept with great terms such as hormones, sports, synthetic and more.

The generic name for Anadrol has always been oxymetholone. However, the brand names for this product has varied heavily over the years. While Anadrol has been its name for quite some time, it has also gone by others, including:


  • Anadroyd


  • Anapolon


  • Anasterona


  • Anasteronal


  • Anasterone


  • Androlic


  • Androy


  • Hemogenin


  • Nastenon


  • Oxitoland


  • Oxitosona


  • Oxyanabolic


  • Oxybolone


  • Protanabol


  • Roboral


  • Synasterobe


  • Synasteron


  • Zenalosyn



The differences between these various brand names are minimal to non-existence.

For example, the dosing levels might be slightly different in some instances. The exact chemical mixture may also be tweaked a little. That said, these products all work in the same way and create very similar results.


The only significant change came in the company that produced them. Multiple groups produced this product over the years, though its current legal status has made production more difficult. As a result, it is essential to examine the legal status of this medication and to learn more about where it is produced.


Is Anadrol Legal?

anadrol legal

In the United States, it is illegal to use Anadrol for any performance-enhancing needs.

However, it is still sold with a prescription from a doctor, though obtaining one is very difficult and rare. You must show the doctor that you have a muscle-wasting disease or an issue that requires the use of steroids.

That said, you can buy and import Anadrol into the country from places where it is legal.

However, there are legal ramifications, including fines and jail time, if you are found misusing it. In fact, you can only use it for medical testing purposes and must show your testing procedure if authorities seize it from you.


Around the world, Anadrol experiences a broad range of legal statuses that can be confusing to understand. The following are some of the most common places where Anadrol is used. Most countries make it available with a prescription though a few provide it over-the-counter.

A handful of countries have made it completely illegal while others recently decriminalized it.

These areas include:


  • Australia – Offers prescriptions


  • Bahamas – Available over the counter


  • Belgium – Requires a prescription


  • Canada – Decriminalized


  • Columbia – Available over the counter


  • Costa Rica – Available over the counter


  • Dominican Republic – No prescriptions necessary


  • Egypt – No prescriptions necessary


  • France – Legal with prescription


  • Germany – May be applied only for therapeutic reasons by medical professionals


  • Japan – Requires the use of a prescription


  • Norway – Illegal


  • Sweden – Illegal


Decriminalization is a term that means it is legal to manufacture a drug in a country for specific purposes. It also means it isn’t illegal to possess it but is illegal to misuse it. This confusing situation makes it hard to know where your country stands on Anadrol use. In most areas, Anadrol is legal to possess for medical or testing purposes but cannot be used for performance enhancement.


As a result, it is sometimes hard to find legal sources of this substance to import to the United States without a prescription.

Some individuals will buy it from places such as Turkey, Canada, Spain, Britain, India, Greece, Portugal, and Iran. These sources can be questionable because somewhat shady groups often run them. This fact makes it very problematic to import and use Anadrol for performance enhancement.


What are the Correct Doses?

Syringe with glass vials and medications pills with defocused doctor's hands preparing for a treatment procedure

Correctly dosing with Anadrol will depend on a variety of factors.

First of all, there are several different levels that you can reach with your dosing. These include low, base, and high levels. There are different benefits and disadvantages to dosing at these particular levels.


If you already read the section on Anadrol varieties, much of this information will sound similar. That’s because dosing usually occurs at 25-, 50-, and 100-milligram levels.

That said, it is worth taking a more in-depth look at these dosing levels, including how long you should take Anadrol before stopping.


Low Doses


Those who experience a strong reaction to Anadrol or other types of steroids should start out with the lowest possible dose. Currently, this is 25 milligrams.

It is particularly important to start out at this level if you are prone to estrogen-related issues. That’s because oxymetholone is very estrogenic and produces a variety of side effects. Sticking to this level also decreases your side effects and ensures you don’t experience any nasty allergic reactions.


Base Doses


Most people start out taking Anadrol at 50 milligrams per day. This level creates an intake of 350 milligrams per week, which is strong enough to create strong and powerful muscle gains. In fact, most tablets of Anadrol come in 50 milligrams.

Many users can start here and expect gains of up to 30 pounds of muscle during their training period. Some might get these extra muscles as quickly as 3-4 weeks, though such gains cannot be considered typical for this steroid.


High Doses


Increasing your Anadrol intake to 75-100 milligrams may increase the potency of your muscle gains.

That said, I already discussed how taking higher doses than 100 milligrams practically ensures that you suffer from adverse reactions. I suggest 75 milligrams as a good high-dose level. It will increase your gains (slightly) from 50 milligrams and only minimally increase your potential side effects. Never start out at this level, though, without going through a few cycles at lower doses.


Dosing Duration


The basic guideline for Anadrol use is the same no matter your level of dosing. The longest you should ever take Anadrol for any purpose is eight weeks. Taking it for longer will increase your risk of suffering from adverse side effects. That said, you may want to stop taking it after six weeks.


Stopping at this point is smart because your peak benefits from Anadrol will occur after about four weeks or so.

After that, your gains will start decreasing as the effect of the steroid is minimized. Thankfully, you can cycle with this steroid to use it several times in a single year.


What are the Side Effects of Anadrol?

chalkboard showing side effects of anandrol

While the benefits of Anadrol should be obvious at this point, it is critical to fully understand the side effects that can occur when taking it regularly.

Thankfully, most of these issues are typically quite mild and don’t seriously threaten your life in any way. In fact, proper care and PCT should minimize your risk of these issues.


However, there are also more severe and adverse issues that can complicate your health in a multitude of ways.

The following section will examine the non-serious, more dangerous, and adverse reactions of Anadrol.

Please note that your risk of experiencing these reactions increases if you take high levels for extended periods and don’t follow proper PCT or care methods.


Non-Serious Side Effects


Many common side effects may occur when taking Anadrol. Many of them aren’t that serious and are certainly not life-threatening. These issues include diarrhea, excitation, insomnia, breast swelling in men, and restlessness. While not exactly comfortable, they shouldn’t put in any danger.


Other non-severe problems that can develop when taking Anadrol include acne, increased baldness, body hair loss, and a slightly higher voice. These problems are typically reversible and will go away if you go through PCT correctly to ensure that you don’t experience severe side effects. In fact, lost hair may even grow back in some individuals.


More Serious Problems


Unfortunately, taking Anadrol for extended periods may cause more serious side effects. When these issues occur, they can affect your health in a variety of ways that can be very hard to manage. Just a few of these issues include the following:


  • Mental health problems


  • Mood changes


  • Rapid weight gain


  • Troubles with breathing


  • Sex troubles (such as increased or decreased interest)


These problems are also reversible but can be more damaging to your overall health. In some instances, you might suffer from lingering instances of these problems that refuse to go away. Make sure to talk to a doctor if you suffer from these side effects and they won’t go away. They can provide you with treatment to manage them.


More Adverse Issues


The following issues are severely problematic and require a doctor to manage. If you experience any of these concerns, stop talking Anadrol right away and get help:


  • Severe mood swings


  • Asthmatic attacks


  • Swelling throughout the body


  • Change in genital size


  • Menstrual changes


  • Impotence


  • Low energy or confusion


An Analysis of Various Anadrol Cycles


Anadrol cycles come in a variety of different possible rates and usually include three different control periods that are important to acknowledge. These periods include the initial dosing period, a break period, and the PCT period. During these times, you must follow a specific dosing schedule to ensure Anadrol success.


In the FAQ section, I provide a detailed examination of the type of PCT necessary for recovering from an Anadrol cycle.

Follow this routine whenever it is noted in a schedule. Please note that some sequences don’t need PCT due to their lack of severity. So make sure that you choose a plan that works well for your specific needs. If you have never used steroids before, you should start with the beginning cycle to transition yourself into a more challenging routine.


You can then advance your intake of Anadrol to the intermediate and advanced cycles to increase your muscle mass. Make sure that you increase your exercise intensity to ensure you get the best results from your routine.

You can also focus specifically on bulking and cutting using the last two cycles highlighted below.

Experiment with these schedules to find the one that works the best for your unique workout requirements.



Beginning Cycle



  • Full Cycle Length – 12 Weeks


  • Weeks 1-6 – Anadrol doses between 25-50 milligrams every day


  • Weeks 1-12 – Testosterone Enanthate doses between 300-500 milligrams per week


Intermediate Cycle


  • Full Cycle Length – 12 Weeks


  • Weeks 1-6 – Anadrol doses of 50 milligrams per day


  • Weeks 1-12 – Testosterone Enanthate doses of 100 milligrams per weeks and 400 milligrams per week of Nandrolone Decanoate


Advanced Cycle


  • Full Cycle Length – 12 Weeks


  • Weeks 1-8 – Anadrol doses of 100 milligrams per day, Testosterone Propioate doses of 100 milligrams per week, and 400 milligrams of Trenbolone Acetate every week


  • Week 8-10 – Break


  • Week 11-12 – PCT



Bulking Cycles


  • Full Cycle Length – 15 weeks


  • Week 1-8 – Anadrol doses of 50-100 milligrams per day


  • Week 9-12 – Break


  • Week 12-15 – PCT


Cutting Cycles


  • Full Cycle Length – 10 Weeks


  • Week 1-4 – Anadrol doses of 50 milligrams


  • Week 5-7 – Break


  • Week 8-10 – PCT


Choosing a Cycle Carefully


When you are picking an Anadrol cycle for your exercise, it is important to gauge a variety of factors. Each of these concepts is critical to understand so that you can avoid any complications. Just a few of these elements include:


  • Your steroid experience


  • Past reactions to steroids


  • Risks of side effects


  • Desired gains


  • Ability to exercise


  • Physical strength


  • Health problems that could complicate usage


These elements are all critical because they help you understand what you want to achieve with your steroid use and how intense of a cycle you can tolerate. These also gauge any possible health problems that could affect your performance and make it more difficult to stay focused on your exercise and workout routines.


If you are ready to get started on an Anadrol routine, you need to understand where you can buy these products.

Unfortunately, you are going to find it hard to locate a provider that gives you safe and healthy supplements without breaking the law. Later on, I’ll discuss a high-quality Anadrol substitute that can help you avoid legal issues.


Where Can I Buy Anadrol?


Buying Anadrol substances can be very hard to do without breaking the law.

That’s because Anadrol is a controlled substance and can only be given to people who have a prescription. I’ve already discussed this issue in a previous section, so I won’t focus heavily on it here.


I will say that you can buy Anadrol supplements from a variety of different online sources and companies. These groups are located in various countries where Anadrol is legal and which can be produced without legal problems. That said, it can be complicated to get high-quality Anadrol from these types of sources.


That’s because these companies often make inferior products that aren’t worth your money. Some will mix the chemicals at a low level that don’t produce substantial effects. Others will use poor manufacturing processes that minimize the possible benefits of Anadrol and ruin its effectiveness.


And when buying these products from online sources, you need to make sure that you focus on getting human-grade varieties. That’s because these are the purest and safest. They are also usually easier to obtain and use than animal-grade steroids. That’s because medicines produced for humans must meet stronger and stricter manufacturing guidelines.


One of the best ways to ensure that you get safe, effective, and healthy Anadrol is to purchase an alternative instead.

Thankfully, there is at least one alternative available on the market that simulates the effects of Anadrol without causing side effects or putting you in legal trouble. Let’s take a look at this legal alternative now.


What are the Anadrol Legal Alternatives?


If you aren’t ready to commit illegal acts to get a hold of Anadrol in America, you can turn to legal alternatives.

Currently, there is one type available on the market. It is produced by Crazy Bulk, a company that creates some of the most important and effective legal steroids on the market.

They use safe and natural ingredients to simulate the effects of steroids with minimal risk of side effects.


As a result, it is possible to purchase this product directly from Crazy Bulk without having a prescription.

It is also 100 percent legal, meaning that you won’t have to worry about problems with law authorities. While it might be quite as potent as real Anadrol, it can still produce excellent results that can increase your muscle mass exponentially. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and dosing to get a feel for how you can use this product correctly.


Ingredients in Anadrole


Unlike steroids, which are synthetic or artificial, everything in Anadrole is natural.

Their natural ingredients include Acetyl L-Carnitine, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Shilajit, soy protein isolate, and whey protein. Each of these ingredients is designed to increase your testosterone production naturally. They also improve your red blood cell production and even benefit nitrogen retention.


The dosage of Anadrole is set at 25 milligrams per tablet. The instructions state that you must take two pills a day to get positive results. That 50-milligram dose is equivalent to about 50 milligrams of Anadrol but won’t be quite as strong.

Each dose of Anadrole should be taken at least 30-45 minutes before working out to get the best results.


The recommended dosing schedule for this supplement is to take Anadrole for two months before taking a week and a half off from using it.

This dosing schedule should help you build strong muscles without experiencing side effects. While Anadrole has minimal possible adverse reactions, it is still possible that some could occur if you take it longer than eight weeks. Even when you aren’t taking Anadrole, continue exercising to keep your gains.


Is PCT Necessary With Anadrole?


While Anadrole will naturally increase your testosterone level, it doesn’t have the same intense effect on your body that Anadrol possesses. This fact means that you don’t have to go through a PCT process after taking this supplement. As a result, you can cycle through this natural and legal alternative more quickly and further increase your muscle mass.


Stacking With Anadrole


Stacking with legal steroid alternatives is an effective way of increasing their usefulness. Thankfully, Anadrole stacks well with other types of legal steroids, particularly those made by Crazy Bulk. The following are three of the best legal steroids you can use to stack with Anadrole.


When using these supplements with Anadrole, you should follow the stacking suggestions I detailed above to get the best and safest results. While these supplements are much safer than their illegal anabolic parent drugs, you need to control your intake to ensure you don’t suffer from any adverse side effects.


DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin)


DecaDuro is a legal alternative for Deca Durabolin that offers many of the same benefits. It increases the potency of your muscle gains, boosts your strength and endurance, makes it easier for your muscles to recover after exercise, helps manage joint pain, and boosts both cutting and bulking strength and efficiency.


Its formula works by increasing your body’s ability to retain nitrogen, red blood cell production, and protein synthesis. All of these benefits help to improve your overall muscle strength and also boost the durability of your body’s tendons and ligaments. Thankfully, it is designed to minimize your risk of severe side effects, such as hair loss and aggression.


D-Bal (Dianabol)


Dianabol is one of the most potent and popular steroids on the market. In the FAQ section of this article, I discuss this steroid in more depth and compare it to Anadrol for effectiveness.

While it is fair to say that Anadrol is more potent than this steroid, pairing it with Dianabol does increase the effectiveness of both. As a result, you can get more ripped more quickly when stacking.


When using legal variations for Dianabol with Anadrole, it is best to stick with Crazy Bulk products. That’s because these steroids are chemically balanced to work together and ensure maximum safety. When stacking with D-Bal, expect increased strength, improved cycle control, and rapid muscle gains. As always, follow the guidelines I described above when stacking.


Trenorol (Trenbolone)


Crazy Bulk produces this legal Trenbolone alternative that works well when stacked with D-Bal, DecaDuro, and Anadrole.

Typically, it works best for those who are trying to bulk up for massive muscle gains. However, it can also be used for cutting your muscles and adding extra definition.


Like other types of steroids, this safer and legal alternative helps you retain more nitrogen while boosting your red blood cell production. It is particularly useful as a way of burning fat off of your body and increasing your vascularity. In this way, you can not only improve your muscle mass but make them look better than they did before you started stacking.


Anadrol Before and After Results


So far, I’ve discussed the benefits and the side effects of Anadrol use. I’ve even taken a look at the correct dosing and cycling concepts necessary for using it properly. Now, it is time to take a look at a few examples of what this steroid can do for your physique.


In any steroid review, this is likely the part that most people are looking forward to reading. That’s because it gives them the best idea of how much they can bulk up with the examined product.

I’ve included two different examinations in this particular section.

The first takes a look at how a professional bodybuilder became a champion with Anadrol and the second examines how real-life people built their physique with Anadrole, the legal alternative to Anadrol.


Jay Cutler’s Results


Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder who has won four different Mr. Olympia titles and is one of only three people to win the competition in non-consecutive years. The peak of his career was around the 2007-2010 era when he won Mr. Olympia four times. The only year during that stretch that Cutler didn’t win was 2008. And while his career has never surpassed that point, he remains a legend.


And one of the ways that he achieved that level of strength was through the use of Anadrol. The results showcased in this article are quite telling. While Cutler was a pretty ripped guy before he started taking Anadrol, his musculature got even more extensive and defined than it was before he started working out regularly with Anadrol.


The exact gains that he made with this product aren’t listed in the article and can’t be found elsewhere. However, it is clear that Cutler gained at least 15-20 pounds of muscles or so. In fact, there is a strong chance he added even more to his already impressive physique.


Throughout that particular article, gains of 20-30 pounds are touted as regular. While I’d stop at calling these types of claims typical for steroid use, it’s clear that Cutler and others like him are bulking up with Anadrol. And whether or not you condone the use of steroids for muscle building, it’s clear that they worked well for him.


Crazy Bulk Results


If you aren’t ready to buy legally-questionable Anadrol and want to invest in Crazy Bulk’s Anadrole, you should know how well it mimics that steroid.

Let’s take a look at a few different testimonials from the Crazy Bulk website to give you a good idea of how much you can expect to gain when working out with Anadrole.


Our first study comes from a middle-aged man named Mike. He used a variety of Crazy Bulk products to burn fat off of his body while building his muscles.

He started at a weight of 203 pounds and lost 31 pounds of fat in just two months. By contrast, he gained 17-18 pounds of muscle.

These extra muscles helped him increase his bench press from 225 pounds up to 315 pounds. Mike achieved these gains by working out at least one hour 5-6 days a week.


These findings were typical with similar to those found in a testimonial from a woman named Amanda.

This 30-40-year-old woman was already in pretty good shape and wanted to lose fat and increase her muscle definition.

During her four-week routine, she lost fat on her legs, stomach, and arms. Her lifting schedule was five days of lifting every week without cardio, during which she continued to lose fat. Her overall gains were not listed, but she gave Crazy Bulk a five-star review and stated she would use their products again in the future.


In the last review, we’ll examine, a 30-40-year-old actor and stuntman (seriously) who used Crazy Bulk products for four weeks to improve his overall physique for a film shoot.

During this period, he lost six percent of his body fat, boosted his lean muscle definition, and went from 225 pounds in his bench up to 255 pounds. In his five-star review, he stated that he would recommend Crazy Bulk products (like Anadrole) to athletes and other stuntmen.


Are These Results Typical or Sustainable?


One issue that many have when deciding to use steroids is how sustainable their gains will be when they quit taking them. That’s an honest question and one that is often hard to answer. The sustainability of your muscle gains will depend on how hard you work to stay muscular. Working out regularly should help you stay cut and toned and keep your muscle bulk in place.


That said, you may also lose some muscle mass after you quit taking steroids simply because your body won’t produce as much testosterone. However, PCT can help you transition successfully to a post-steroid workout cycle. PCT is an important concept to understand when working out and is discussed in the FAQ section below.


Anadrol FAQ

anandrol faq

Q: Is Anadrol better than Dianabol?


Dianabol and Anadrol have been heavily compared in the past due to their similar nature.

Choosing the type that is right for you will depend on a few different factors.

For example, Anadrol is considered more potent and potentially damaging than Dianabol. As a result, those who are prone to hormonal imbalances may want to stay away from it.


That said, Anadrol creates more muscle mass in a shorter period. Those who are trying to get significant gains quickly often turn to Anadrol over Dianabol.

However, you may have to take smaller doses of it to avoid its side effects. This point is essential to consider because Dianabol is usually cheaper than Anadrol, which may influence your decision even more.


Q: Are there benefits to increasing Anadrol dosage?


One of the interesting things about steroid use is that upping your often has a positive increase in your exercise effectiveness.

That’s a big part of why people often get stuck in a major cycle of abuse. They keep increasing their dose and getting bigger and better gains but experiencing more adverse effects. The same is not true with Anadrol. In fact, increasing your dose is likely to offer little improvement to its effectiveness.


That’s because it will reach a top range and can no longer produce any more active benefits. As a result, you typically don’t need to take more than 50-150 milligrams per dose when using Adanrol.

While some might increase their daily dose to as high as 300 milligrams, that increase only boosts the chances of suffering from adverse side effects. Therefore, it is smart to keep your treatments at a reasonable level.


Q: What type of PCT is necessary?


PCT or post-cycle therapy is a good step to take whenever you use steroids. That’s because the extended use of these hormone-replacement products can offset your normal production of these important chemicals.

A typical PCT session lasts as long as your initial steroid bulking or cutting period when combined with a brief resting period. So if you use Anadrol for 6-8 weeks, you should use PCT for 4-5 weeks after a 2-3 week break from taking steroids.


A PCT dosing session for Anadrol usually consists of four weeks of Clomid and four weeks of Nolvadex at various dosing levels. During the first week, you take 100 milligrams of Clomid and then 50 milligrams for the remaining three weeks. With Nolvadex, you ingest 40 milligrams the first two weeks and 20 milligrams the next two. These dosing requirements may change based on how your body reacts to it.


For example, some may also need to integrate 2,500 IU per week of HCG or human growth hormone to boost their body’s testosterone production. During this period, you should try to increase your dose of this substance up to one-half milligram every day. The medicine you use for this PCT is known as Arimidex. That said, there are other dosing schedules and drugs you can take, so make sure to talk to your doctor to get the best results.


Q: Can women use Anadrol?


Anadrol is one of the most potent steroids available for medical or training reasons.

Its effects on male bodies are hefty and can cause a variety of wild side effects. These side effects are usually worse when women take them. That’s because female bodies are not supposed to have such high levels of testosterone. When they do, multiple side effects can occur that can be devastating.


For example, the increased intake of testosterone familiar with steroids can cause a process known as virilization. This change is the opposite of the one that men experience after stopping steroids without PCT. It results in a woman becoming more masculine, including a shrinking of the breasts, enlargement of their clitoris, more hair on their body, and a deeper voice than they had before they started taking steroids.


Most of the time, these side effects are temporary and will go away after a woman finishes PCT. That said, they may end up being permanent and complicate a woman’s ability to have children. For example, her body may cease producing estrogen and make her body more like a man’s, which can cause her to lose potency or even trigger post-menopausal symptoms.


Q: Is Anadrol safe for teens?


Athletic teenagers may be put under pressure by coaches, parents, and peers to build larger muscles. For example, a weightlifter may find their coach politely suggesting or even requiring that they take Anadrol for their routine. Even if the coach or parent pays for it, a teenager should stay as far away as they can from Anadrol and other types of steroids.


That’s because teenagers have among the highest levels of testosterone. Their bodies are changing as they mature and require increasing levels of various types of hormones to grow and adapt. As a result, they are often producing as much as 300 milligrams of testosterone or more every week. Adding extra hormones or steroids to their body is, therefore, not a wise choice.


When teenagers take steroids such an Anadrol, they are likely to experience many types of severe side effects. For example, they may have troubles with their liver function, cause their thyroid to shut down, increase their blood pressure and cholesterol, or even stunt their growth. Many teens will also go through emotional problems, such as depression and aggression.


Q: Can you raise your testosterone level naturally?


While the use of steroids like Anadrol will increase your testosterone levels intensely, you can also increase it by taking several small steps.

Keep in mind that this process won’t be able to boost testosterone production as much as you would by taking steroids. However, these simple and natural steps are safer and have no legal ramifications. The following steps are ones that you can take to increase your testosterone without steroids:


  • Sleep at least eight hours every day


  • Eat healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits


  • Avoid foods with a lot of chemical additives


  • Exercise regularly (at least once every day or every other day)


  • Limit your exercise to an hour or less in a day


It might seem counter-intuitive to limit your exercise to just an hour. However, there is a reason that this is a smart choice.

When you exercise more than one hour every day, you start to burn excessive levels of testosterone in your body and decrease its ability to produce this hormone. Though this effect is very temporary, it can affect how much testosterone you have the next day. As a result, you may get more tired or even injured during a workout routine.


You should also try to vary the types of exercises you perform. For example, regular cardiovascular exercise is a good idea for your overall health but should alternate with muscle routines every other day. That’s because building your muscles can help to provide your body with a stronger and more stable level of testosterone for your day-to-day life.


Q: Can I use Anadrol in a tournament?


Competing in a weight-lifting tournament gives you the chance to show off your strength and even win some money. However, these competitions have strict bans on the use of performance-enhancing substances. They are particularly harsh on steroids, including Anadrol, because of the effects it has on a person’s muscles and their overall strength.


If you are caught using these types of substances in a tournament, the controlling authority may ban you from competition for a set period. They may also strip you of any of your awards and any records you may hold. Some might even ban you forever and blacklist you from other types of tournaments. Simply put, the risk of using Anadrol in competition is too high to chance it.


Q: Are Anadrol side effects permanent?


The use of Anadrol is likely to trigger the side effects I already discussed in depth up above.

Thankfully, these side effects are not permanent if you use PCT to increase your natural production of testosterone. Failure to do so will make these side effects last longer and, if you aren’t careful, may indefinitely extend their effects on your body.


That said, you can always talk to a doctor about these issues and get some treatment for it. Hormone replacement therapy can provide your body with healthy levels of hormones and trigger their natural production. If you find that your body is struggling to produce testosterone even with medical help, you may require more specialized and intensive treatment.


Q: Will Anadrole cause serious side effects?


Anadrole is a safe and legal alternative to Anadrol that doesn’t cause the same potency of side effects.

That said, it can still cause some complications if you aren’t careful. Most of the time, these complications are less serious than they are with Anadrol and don’t require as much PCT. That said, you may still experience some issues.


For example, extended use of any testosterone replacement medicine may upset your natural production of testosterone. The same is true of Anadrole. That said, the risk is as minimal as possible for this type of product. In fact, most types of legal steroid alternatives have significantly minimized the danger and are nearly, but not totally, 100 percent safe.


Q: Are steroids worth the trouble?


Anadrol and other types of steroids provide you with the chance to increase your muscle bulk greatly but come with a variety of side effects that you may find are not worth the danger. That thought process is one that a great number of individuals have agreed with in the past. That said, more people have found themselves attracted to the allure of steroid use for bulking and cutting.


Those who use steroids are either willing to take the risk of dangerous side effects or know how to manage these side effects safely.

For example, many weightlifters know how to cycle their steroid use and use PCT to balance their hormone levels. If you are willing to make a significant commitment to this type of routine, you may get a lot of benefits from steroids.


Q: Should I talk to my doctor before taking steroids?


Any time you seriously change up a health routine, you need to talk to your doctor. The same is true when you start taking steroids.

The substantial effects that steroids and testosterone replacement products can have on your body make it critical to assess your use. Your doctor can help you understand what you are doing to yourself and gauge your chances of severe side effects.


For example, they can test you for any issues that could complicate your body’s acceptance of Anadrol. First of all, they would test you for an allergy to this product. While Anadrol allergies are not that common, they can occur and are very dangerous. Allergic reactions could cause symptoms as minor as hives or as hazardous as an inability to breathe.


However, steroids and Anadrol can cause issues such as nausea, confusion, agitation, depression, anxiety, and hair loss. If you are prone to suffering from these symptoms due to another disease, your doctor can assess your ability to tolerate Anadrol and let you know if it is safe. They may be likely to suggest that you take Anadrol or other types of alternatives because they are less severe and more comfortable to tolerate.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, Anadrol is a potent steroid that can provide you with many benefits when you use it properly. That said, it can also be a risky proposition if you don’t approach it carefully and don’t take steps to recover after you have finished a cycle. However, you can truly bulk and cut your muscles if you are willing to put in the hours.


And that is the most crucial takeaway from any steroid review. While it will provide you with an increase in testosterone that can be beneficial for your exercise, it doesn’t do the workout routines for you. Put in the hours when taking Anadrol or Anadrole and your muscles will get more prominent than they’ve ever been. Just make sure you do PCT, or those gains could disappear.

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